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Data Theft - Buyer Beware. . .

Twin Imaging Technology
September 2007


Due Diligence necessary when outsourcing Document Imaging

These days, it is almost impossible to be in business and not collect or hold personally identifying information — names and addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or other account numbers — about your customers, employees, business partners, students, or patients. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it could put these individuals at risk for identity theft.

“Companies outsource their Document Imaging needs without doing their due diligence” said Gina Martin, President of Twin Imaging Technology, a Document Imaging service provider based in Oceanside, CA. “In many cases, when critical documents leave their facility, they have no idea if they are going to someone’s garage, living room or out of the country. Some so-called Imaging companies offering extremely low prices are in reality un-licensed, un-insured sweat shops. I recommend companies get copies of their Business License, Seller’s Permit and assigned Insurance as a minimum. If it makes sense, go visit the facility where your documents will be processed. It should be a secure building with staff trained to written document handling procedures.”

Data Theft a Growing Concern for Businesses

“Find out how long your data is retained once it’s scanned,” says Ms. Martin, “Twin Imaging has a standard record retention policy of three (3) months. I recommend that, from a confidentiality standpoint, a company may want all copies of their electronic records removed completely from the outsourced provider after services have been provided.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, has produced a Guidance
Document for businesses that experience Information Compromise. It describes the recommend steps for notifying Law Enforcement, affected Businesses and Individuals in the event of a data compromise.

Twin Imaging provides Security

“I’ve been quite pleased with the solid scanning work that Twin Imaging has done for me” said Ron Unz, founder, “on the millions of pages of material that I have given them.” Ron has an extensive collection of books and periodicals
Twin Imaging Technology is located in a locked and secure facility with 24 hour security services provided by Brinks Business Security. Additionally, Twin Imaging’s facility complies with all city and state fire protection regulations and is bonded and insured.

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