Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ScanSnap S300

ScanSnap S300 - Click to See Larger Image

Rita Blanzan, of Rita Blanzan & Associates, located in Helensvale, Austrailia, was kind enough to allow us to post her firms experience with the Fujitsu ScanSnap S300. Rita can be contacted at:

Rita Blanzan & Associates
PO Box 3345
Helensvale Qld 4212
+617 (5580) 5055

I've now had a chance to put this scanner through its paces...

One of my projects and family responsibilities is to preserve our family photos. My brother collected the photos from my parents and brought them to me and I had to scan them quickly and accurately so he could take them back as he visited me for only a couple of days and he lives quite a distance from me.

I scanned over 3000 photos in a few hours to 300dpi jpg files, duplexed to capture any notes on the back. It didn't miss a beat and it didn't faulter in any way. As it's a straight through scanner, it didn't bend the photos. I was able to do the job with little handling of the photos which is important in the preservation of old photos.

This little scanner worked like a trooper and I liked the colour reproduction as well. It's bigger counterpart (the 5110) does not have the same colour reproduction, not as good IMO. It also was very good with pulling the photos through straight. I only had to adjust the rotation on a couple of them.

I pushed to it's limits when I scanned my postcards collection. These took a little longer. The postcards date back to early last century, a lot of them are lythos and hand painted and are on a much thicker paper or cardboard. Some postcards required gentle assistance to get them through.

For work, the scanner sits on my meeting room table next to my laptop and I can scan documents when I meet with clients.

All round, the scanner is well worth the money.


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Great article Sean, thanks for sharing my experience.