Monday, November 03, 2008

Ah...To be a student again...

How about being a student and running a business (with over $1M in revenue in some cases) at the same time? For someone like me who loves having multiple projects going on, that's impressive.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards honors the top undergraduate students that are running their own companies. November 6th the competition takes place in Chicago where students will compete in a live competition where they present their companies. What's the prize? Over $100K in cash and donated products and services.

Twin Imaging Technology donated a Fujitsu S300 ScanSnap. It's perfect for those of you with mobile offices or are looking to minimize the amount space taken up by hardware on your desk. It provides duplex scanning with automatic color detection, has an Automatic Document Feeder, an AC Adapter and USB bus power. It also automatically recognizes document types and creates text-searchable pdf's. I might also add that it fits neatly into any student-entrepreneur's backpack.

Best wishes to all the contestants!


Allan said...

What a great way to get students off to an early start, bravo!

Bravo for donating to the cause!

Jaxon Oakley said...

Yes, persons have been becoming student ones again due to the thrust of the knowledge and information. All the sources of the knowledge have been opened for the utilization of the goals for the certification in degrees and documents.