Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kodak i780 - Excellent Image Controls and Auto Document Feeder (ADF). . .

We were very impressed with the Kodak i780's performance.  The real stand out is the fact that you can run 300 dpi at full rated speed with all image controls turned on.  Additionally, the i780 provides great flexibility when using the color detect option because the scanners interface allows for multiple stream outputs (i.e. black and white, gray scale, color).

The scanner has an excellent automatic document feeder (ADF) mechanism that is simple to service and clean.  The consumable rollers are relatively inexpensive and can be easily replaced when needed.  One very beneficial byproduct of the i780s excellent ADF is that it hardly ever double feeds!  This is crucial in a production environment when constant starts and stops, due to double feeds, can cut dramatically into daily production goals.

Regarding Kodak's image controls; we would like to see auto orientation accuracy increased.  VRS auto orientation accuracy seems to edge out Kodak's but not by much.  Other than auto orientation, the i780s image quality is excellent. The fact that the Kodak's image controls are built into the scanner makes for much simpler implementation and operation as compared to VRS.

Overall, the Kodak i780 is an excellent scanner and will help any service bureau to meet production and image quality goals.

Sean Martin, Vice President

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