Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Fun Side...

There is a fun side to scanning. As you may know, most days, I see the same types of documents go by. But photos! Now those can be exciting. When you see photos from the 60's and 70's, you realize how much hasn't changed.

Last week, I found some photos in my garage. The pictures were taken when my sister and I took our families on a cruise to Mexico in 2001. My niece and nephew were teenagers then. My niece is now 26 and my nephew has just begun a new career in the Navy.

I have such great memories of that trip. And now that the photos are scanned, I can share them with my sister, whom by the way, has been asking about them for years.

I share all this with you because Twin Imaging has partnered with EverAfter Scrapbooks to do photo and scrapbook scanning. Stop by the store; drop off your photos for scanning. There will be a form for you to complete. Photos will be scanned and placed on a CD or available for download.

Gina Martin,

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